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About us - LUX MED Group

The LUX MED Group was created as a result of integration (started in 2007) of medical facilities known before under the following brands: CM LIM, LUX MED, Medycyna Rodzinna and PROMEDIS. With the use of the best practices of each of these networks and following the slogan of "Many traditions - one healthy goal", a single professional and modern organisation was set up.

Since mid-2012, activities in the scope of out-patient care have been conducted under two main brands: LUX MED and Medycyna Rodzinna. The Group also includes two Endoterapia hospitals, specialising in the provision of comprehensive gastroenterologic services, as well as the Tabita nursing and rehabilitation home. LUX MED Diagnostyka includes: AVI Diagnostyka Obrazowa, FADO Centrum Usług Medycznych, Med-Sport and Konsylium. In 2010, the multi-profile LUX MED Hospital opened in the Warsaw district of Ursynów. It provides both paid services as well as those included in the contracts signed with the National Health Fund (NFZ). In December 2012, the LUX MED Group was joined by MegaMed, a company providing services in the scope of out-patient care and one-day surgery, and in December 2013 - by Carolina Medical Center, one of the most modern private orthopaedic therapy centres in Europe. The Group also include Magodent - oncology center, and Eurodental which provides stomatology services.

Today, the LUX MED Group is the leader of the private medical services market in Poland and forms part of a renowned international organisation, Bupa, serving 32 million Customers in over 190 countries. The Group employs about 13,500 persons (including more than 5,500 physicians of a few dozen specialisations). It provides care to over 1,600,000 Patients and owns a network of more than 192 own facilities, also cooperating with about 1,600 partner clinics all over the country.

The LUX MED Group chief goal is to provide professional aid to Patients, including the total health care process, from diagnostics to comprehensive treatment, including hospital-based one, from primary medical care to specialist aid, rehabilitation and permanent care for the elderly. Our offer is addressed to both corporate and individual Customers. Companies most often use occupational medicine services as well as the extensive offer of medical packages adjusted to the given organisation's requirements. For individual customers of any age, we have prepared medical care plans and numerous prophylactic programmes as well as individually paid services or those provided under contracts with the National Health Fund. Thanks to a branch of the Swedish insurance company, LMG Försäkrings AB, operating within the Group as LUX MED Insurance, we are able to offer health insurance against hospitalisation costs, serious illness and personal accidents.

Along with the provision of specialist aid, the LUX MED Group also takes utmost care to educate the widest possible section of the society on the principles of preventing common illnesses and ailments. Additionally, it stresses the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. To this end, it initiates and involves itself in numerous health-promoting campaigns. For instance, since 2013, in cooperation with the Polish Committee for Cancer Control and the Wygrajmy Zdrowie [Let's Win Health] Foundation, LUX MED has been implementing the "ONCONAVIGATOR" educational programme, aiming to make doctors and nurses more vigilant to the risk of cancer as well as to develop their skills related to the treatment of people suffering from neoplastic diseases. Meanwhile, thousands of students from 31 schools have already participated in training within the framework of the "Umiem pomóc" [I'm able to help] campaign, conducted periodically since 2011 by the LUX MED Rescue Academy. The students have all learnt the principles of first aid.

LUX MED is a part of the Bupa - click here to learn more.

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