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Insurance against costs of medical treatment and accidents abroad

Insurance against costs of medical treatment and accidents abroad for Key Clients of LUX MED UBEZPIECZENIA.

To provide you with comprehensive medical care, not only in Poland but also abroad, we developed - together with Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Allianz Polska S.A. (TU Allianz) - special insurance terms and conditions under which you receive a product which is unique in terms of the insurance scope and the liability limit.

The following elements of the insurance cover are worth emphasising: a broad scope of insurance and high liability limits in comparison to the scopes in your current insurance cover and the fact that the insurance also includes:

  • the risk involved in the following sports activities: skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, diving etc.;
  • costs of medical treatment relating to pregnancy and complications during pregnancy up to the 32nd week of pregnancy;
  • exacerbations and complications of all chronic diseases.

We would like to underline that the insurance is valid without any age limitations and its maximum term during a single stay abroad is up to 180 days - in all countries across the world, excluding the territory of Poland and the country of residence.

The insurance against costs of medical treatment and accidents abroad covers all persons whose package under the insurance contract includes the aforesaid insurance. Joining the insurance does not require any additional formalities. For eligible persons the insurance cover in respect of costs of medical treatment and accidents abroad starts as of the first day of the following month after the receipt by LUX MED Ubezpieczenia of the Declaration on joining the group health insurance.


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