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Patient guide

We all agree that health is priceless. Unfortunately there is a moment in everyone's life when something is starting to bother us...

Lucky if the complaint may be quickly cured and the health problems are temporary. Unlucky if the body itself cannot fight the condition and a surgical intervention is required. In order to meet the demands of patients who require hospitalisation, the LUX MED Group is opening a hospital. The facility is located in Warsaw, at ul. Puławska S455. We have 11 hospital beds for your disposal. The hospital includes two operating rooms and a modern diagnostic base with computer tomography and X-ray units.

The not-so-winding road

The consultation and diagnostics process is a very important element in Patient care. Its aim is to safely prepare the patient for surgery. In order to facilitate this process we hereby present a mini guide "How to register for surgery". Our Patients may choose one out of two options. The first option is such that a Patient already knows which surgeon will perform the surgery. If this is the case, all you need to do is sign up for consultation to a chosen specialist by calling the Call Centre 22 33 22 888 for mobile phones. However, it may also be that a condition has been diagnosed and requires a surgery, but a surgeon is to be chosen from the operating staff available at the LUX MED Group facilities. We are aware that the choice is difficult if you do not know any of the surgeons. In such a case, feel free to contact the Call Centre, where you will receive support and all the necessary information on name and speciality of the surgeon and admission hours. The Call Centre staff will support you in signing up for the chosen surgeon for consultation qualifying for surgery.

Consultation with the surgeon

During the first consultation, you will get to know the operating surgeon. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to discuss the date and conditions of the surgery, plan of treatment and type of surgery - specificity and method of surgery and post-operative care. The surgeon will perform a prequalification assessment and refer you for additional laboratory and diagnostic tests required before surgery, and will ask you to sign up for an anaesthesiologist.

Discussion with anaesthesiologist

The anaesthesiologist will take your medical history, which is required for further qualification for surgery. You will also receive takeaway materials, which contain many important information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Waiting for surgery

Following the qualification and additional tests all you need to do is wait until surgery date which will be confirmed by phone by hospital staff. On the day of surgery, we ask our Patients to arrive at an earlier arranged time and remember about the arrangements with the surgeon and anaesthesiologist (e.g. minimum fasting time prior to surgery and other instructions given during consultation). It is very important to take your personal belongings, such as slippers, dressing gown, pyjamas, towel and questionnaires filled at home which you were given by the physician. Patients who will have surgery within the National Health Fund (NFZ) scheme should take their RUM (Medical Services Register) health book and the insurance card or the pensioner card.


Upon entering our hospital, you are in the hands of professional nurses and physicians. Each member of the staff will do their best to make your hospitalisation as comfortable as possible.
At your disposal you will have Patient Care Nurses, attending physician and /or physician on duty and other personnel. Our mission is to ease the Patients during difficult moments in their lives. We believe that you will keep good memories of your stay at the LUX MED Group hospital.

Remember - our care about you after a surgery does not finish when you leave the LUX MED Hospital building.
Check how you can contact us during post-operative period.

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