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Orthopaedic Surgery Centre

We perform the following procedures in orthopaedic surgery range at the LUX MED Hospital:

  • orthopaedic surgery of the shoulder, 
  • orthopaedic surgery of the lower limb,
  • orthopaedic surgery of the upper limb,
  • spinal orthopaedic surgery,
  • other orthopaedic surgeries, e.g. bone cyst filling with biomaterial, soft tissue orthopaedic procedure, tendon and muscle suturing.

We offer specialist consultations before the procedure and post-operative care with individually adjusted rehabilitation.
Procedures are also performed with modern arthroscopic method More information can be found here.

We have the orthopaedic machine ARTROMOT K1. This is a modern, motorised CPM orthopaedic apparatus with a kinematic system, guaranteeing physiologically proper limb movement with the use of a remote control, intended for continuous and passive mobilisation of the knee and hip joints.

LUX MED Hospital also offers a full range of knee corrective and reconstructive surgeries using the most modern, yet proven minimally invasive (arthroscopic), techniques:

  • arthroscopic surgeries of sewing meniscus damages,
  • arthroscopic surgeries or partial meniscectomy to remove the damaged part,
  • meniscus reconstruction surgeries using allogeneic tissues,
  • anatomic arthroscopic anterior and posterior sacral ligament reconstruction,
  • anatomic reconstruction of other knee ligaments of the knee,
  • comprehensive patellar instability surgical treatment,
  • treatment of articular cartilage defects.
  • comprehensive treatment of early and advanced stages of knee osteoarthritis.

Detailed information can be obtained by calling 22 431 20 59 or by e-mail:

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