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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine focusing on the correction and reconstruction of specific areas of the human body. Most of the plastic surgeries consist in aesthetic correction of real or perceived defects of the body, which aim to improve the patient's appearance and - consequently - the well-being and self-esteem. Other treatments are intended to improve or maintain health.

LUX MED Hospital offer covers plastic surgeries most available in Poland, including correction of sagging skin, scar correction, liposuction, beauty surgeries of the face, ears and neck, and also breast surgeries. Within plastic surgery procedures we perform a complex abdominal wall reconstruction after previous surgery and post-operative hernias and complex treatment of breast reconstruction after mastectomies.

Plastic surgery procedures at the Center for Plastic Surgery of the LUX MED Hospital are performed by top-class experts: Małgorzata Chomicka-Janda, MD, PhD, Lubomir Lembas, MD, PhD, Łukasz Ulatowski, MD, Marcin Nowak MD, PhD, Tomasz Dębski, MD.

For more information on the procedures performed at the Center for Plastic Surgery, please call (48) 22 431 20 59 or write to

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