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Surgical treatment of obesity

Within our Hospital Obesity Therapy Centre, we provide comprehensive diagnosis and consultation in the treatment of various obesity types including dietary, psychological, endoscopic and surgical proceedings:
Surgical treatment of obesity
Procedures of endoscopic gastric balloon setting
The principle of this therapeutic method is based on observation that patients who had "bezoars" in their stomachs lose body weight. After many years of research, an artificial equivalent of "bezoar" was created, ensuring optimum efficiency and safety. The material of which it is made is sufficiently resistant to the acidic gastric juice in order not to be damaged during the six months of treatment. A self-closing valve, visible in X-rays, enables to specify its position and, at the same time, filling the balloon. Filled balloon takes a specific volume in the stomach, limiting the amount of food intake.

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Surgical obesity treatment with laparoscopy
Modern surgical obesity treatment is based on stomach surgeries that lead to appetite decrease, satiety after even small portion of solid food, food intake reduction and, as a consequence, body weight loss.

AGB - Adjustable Gastric Band
This method is commonly known as the "band" and is performed by dividing stomach horizontally into two parts - the upper, smaller part and the lower, bigger part. The effect is achieved by placing the gastric band on the stomach. Surgery is usually performed laparoscopically, but can also be done traditionally. The band consists of the part that covers the stomach, with the balloon clamping when being filled with a special liquid (similar to a tiny bicycle inner tube), the port placed under the skin, by which we can adjust the amount of fluid in the band, and a tube connecting the band with the port. Depending on the degree of band clamping, the patient can take bigger or smaller amounts of food. It allows you to control the rate of body weight change. You should not overdo the settlement of the band in one side or the other because frequent changes of the clamp may lead to its overgrowth through the stomach walls and re-gaining weight.

Dietician and nutrition coach
Helps in taking proper direction of the therapy, taking into consideration also comorbid disease prevention. The consultation may be supplemented by the body composition study by Electrical Bioimpedance method which allows the estimation of basal metabolic rate.

Psychological counselling
Helps motivating and inspiring full change existence, including appearance and eating habits, as well as changes in the area of enhancing self-esteem, effectively overcoming the crises of life and control of emotions.

Specialists working within Hospital Obesity Therapy Centre

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