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The workshop on treatment of snoring and mild symptoms of sleep apnea at LUX MED Hospital

Laryngological workshop concerning a new method of snoring treatment took place at LUX MED hospital.

The presented Pillar technique consists in the introduction of between three and five thin polyester inserts into the soft palate. These inserts stiffen the palate, thus diminishing tissue vibration, which has a positive effect on snoring reduction. The treatment is conducted under local anesthesia and it takes up to 30 minutes. It is minimally invasive and it provides good therapeutic effects.

The meeting agenda included an introductory lecture and a practical part. Additionally, a method of sinus flushing and cleaning using a specialist device called Hydrodebrider was also presented.

Workshop participants were laryngologists co-operating on a daily basis with the hospital at ul. Puławska, as well as other medical doctors interested in this subject area from other LUX MED Group centers.

The conducted course is yet another element of training activity of LUX MED Hospital, which intensively develops as a centre enhancing the qualifications of medical personnel.

treatment of snoring

treatment of snoring


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