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Health Care Plan Plane Tree

Comprehensive medical care
Health Care Plan Plane Tree
Our Consultant will answer all your questions.

The "Plane Tree" Medical Care Plan is dedicated to the most demanding Patients who value convenience and their time, and expect professional care at every stage of contact with LUX MED Group. In addition to access to the most comprehensive range of medical services offered by LUX MED to Individual Patients, it involves the assistance of an Individual Patient's Assistant.

The "Plane Tree" Medical Care Plan may cover adults aged up to 70 and children under 18. It gives access to doctors in more than 70 LUX MED Group's (LUX MED and Medycyna Rodzinna) modern facilities, listed at and, depending on availability of services, in a nationwide network of over 700 cooperating facilities, listed at

We care about the convenience of our Patients, therefore we offer them additional tools and services:

• Personal Client Assistant who is a personal adviser to help you with:
- scheduling consultation and exams in LUX MED Group medical centres and partner facilities, in accordance with your expectations;
- obtaining referrals for exams and prescriptions, in accordance with the provisions of the agreement;
- coordinating the annual "Time for Health" Optimal Health Check.
• Client Portal - access to an integrated IT platform (manage your list of persons reported to medical care, contact to individual client manager, access to current forms and LUX MED messages, information about preventive actions, etc.).
• Telephone Medical Information - owing to this solution the patients calling the hotline with a health problem may receive assistance any time of the day. The TMI Team is composed of experienced physicians, nurses and paramedics who collect information from the caller and try to advise them what should be done in a given situation. They also have information on the pharmacy and hospital duty hours;
• Text message reminders of examinations and consultations - owing to them, patients may schedule appointments without worrying about forgetting about them;
• E-reservation - the solution prepared for the LUX MED and Family Medicine patients, with which they can not only book an appointment with the chosen doctor, but also check availability of specialists and if necessary cancel visits. System allows to view a list of reserved and held visits, referrals issued that are not assigned to an appointment and also provides access to the schedule of doctors
• LUX MED Mobile application - free mobile application, which allows to: booking, viewing and removal of medical visits and view schedules of doctors. It also contains information about the location of establishments owned by LUX MED Group. The application is available for iPhone and iPad and other Android device. For owners of devices with other mobile operating systems we have Patient Portal, available at:

You may choose a comfortable payment option:

Annual payment
Adlult person (18-60)
Adult person (60-70)
Child (0-18)
A lump payment for one year
 4 290 PLN
 6 735 PLN
5 760 PLN
Payment in two installments (every 6 months)
2 x  2 231 PLN
2 x 3 502 PLN
2 x  2 995 PLN
Payment in 4 installments (every 3 months)
4 x  1 137 PLN
4 x  1 785 PLN
4 x  1 526 PLN 
Payment in 12 installments (monthly)
12 x 386 PLN
12 x  606 PLN
12 x  519 PLN

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