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Health Care Plan Peach

Extended specialized and basic medical care
Health Care Plan Peach
Our Consultant will answer all your questions.

An excellent offer for the young people, for whom a prompt access to specialists and diagnostics as well as primary care physicians in emergency are of importance. The Plan ensures basic and extended medical care, diagnostics and laboratory procedures as well as consultations provided by specialists.


Convenient contract conclusion - we offer you the possibility of signing the contract electronically and the possibility to pay for your package using the PayU S.A. system. This will save you time and you will be able to activate the package on any chosen business day.

Extended network of healthcare facilities - By purchasing the subscription, you will gain access to Poland's largest chain of non-public healthcare facilities (LUX MED and Medycyna Rodzinna) and more than 500 partner facilities (the list of facilities is available at

Additional discounts - by purchasing a subscription, you will get a 10% discount on other services provided at LUX MED and Medycyna Rodzinna medical facilities that are not included in your package. You can also use your discount at the LUX MED Hospital, at Carolina Medical Center and PROFEMED clinics. Discounts are also awarded under the Health Beauty Harmony programme.


Patient Portal - An on-line platform allows to view the physicians' schedules as well as book and cancel appointments. After signing our Regulations at a LUX MED facility, you may use the Portal to collect laboratory results annotated by a doctor and ask additional questions relating to past visits. A detailed description of Patient Portal functionalities can be found at

24H Medical Hotline - Call the LUX MED Group hotline number (22 33 22 888) to seek help concerning health issues, 24 hours a day. The Medical Hotline team is made up of experienced physicians, nurses and paramedics, who collect information from a caller and advise on measures that need to be taken in a given situation. They can also provide information about on-duty pharmacies and emergency hospital services.

Nationwide Helpline - Selection of connection options shortens the waiting time. Thus, it takes less time for the Patient to book or cancel an appointment or examination, or receive necessary information.

Text message reminders of appointments - One day before the appointment or examination, you will receive a reminder in the form of a text message of the time and venue. You can reply to the text message to cancel the appointment, if necessary.

Electronic medical record - The LUX MED IT system provides our doctors with quick access to your medical records: test results, previous recommendations or prescribed medications, which may improve your treatment process.

Method of payment

Annual payment

A lump payment for one year
898 PLN
Payment in two installments (every 6 months)
2 x 467 PLN
Payment in 4 installments (every 3 months)
4 x 238 PLN

Scope of the plan

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