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Health Care Plans

New Health Care Plans For You And Your Family

  • fast access to health care near your home, school or workplace - various ranges of medical services catering to the most important needs, from the youngest children to seniors,
  • very attractive pricing owing to a simple health care cost reduction system: "low fees, low extra charges": you pay much less in advance and make small extra charges when you actually use the services covered by the Plan,
  • permanent discounts on all other medical services provided by LUX MED Group,
  • the option to choose Plans with a fully financed range of medical services on the basis of regular fees, with no extra charges
    many additional options, such as Prevention Programmes, Vaccination Programmes and other,
  • easy on-line selection and purchase, quick activation without unnecessary formalities or preliminary health checks. 

Choose the Health Care Plan that best suits you and your family.

    • A plan dedicated to the youngest children. Includes access to specialist consultations along with diagnostics, as well as GP care. The plan is based on low annual fees and extra charges in more >
    • Plan of extended general and specialist care for children aged 3 to 18 inclusive. Low annual fees and a system of small extra charges for consultations and examinations more >
    • An all-inclusive, fully prepaid programme for all children under 18. A wide range of consultations, and even limited home visits. Services provided by LUX MED Group facilities more >
    • A plan combining extended specialist care with general care for adults aged 18 - 65. The system “low fees, low extra charges” guarantees fast access to general practitioners more >
    • An excellent choice for adults under 65, expecting all-inclusive and fully prepaid medical care. Under this plan, services are provided by LUX MED Group facilities and 700 more >
    • A plan addressed to adults aged from 18 to 65, offers very low fixed costs and surcharge of only PLN 15 when actually making use of the services. It provides unlimited access to primary care... more >
    • Extended health care for adults. The financing system fully covers payments for medical services. more >
    • Comprehensive medical care for adults under 65. Low annual fee and a system of small extra charges for consultations and examinations. more >
    • A plan for seniors aged 65 - 80, who need a quick access to specialist doctors. The essence of the plan is a low annual fee and a system of small extra charges for consultations and examinations more >
    • The plan is dedicated to seniors aged 65 - 80, expecting both general and specialist care. It guarantees a wide range of consultations and examinations using a system of low regular fees and more >
    • An All-Inclusive Health Care Plan for seniors aged 65 - 80. It guarantees a full range of health care services provided by LUX MED Group facilities and a network of more than 700 cooperating... more >
    • The “Plane Tree” Medical Care Plan is dedicated to the most demanding Patients who value convenience and their time, and expect professional care at every stage of contact with LUX MED Group. more >

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