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LUX MED Sp. z o.o. Cookies Policy

Permitting the use of cookies
By using the website available at the domain you express consent to the installation of cookies on the end-user's device, who logs in to the Service and to the use of cookies by LUX MED Sp. z o.o. in accordance with this Policy. Your consent is expressed by the web browser settings. If you do not agree for the use of cookies by LUX MED Sp. z o.o., you should change your browser settings appropriately or choose not to use the Service (see below).

What is a cookie?
"Cookies" are single, small text files sent out by the visited websites and downloaded to your computer. Information contained in these files can only be read by the website which had created them. Therefore, the website cannot access other files on your computer.

Why does LUX MED Sp. z o.o. website use cookies?
Cookies used on the website of the LUX MED Sp. z o.o. enable us to monitor users' activity on all websites of the LUX MED Group. We use cookies to customize and improve the website's functionalities and to measure the effectiveness of actions carried out within the website. Cookies also allow us to examine the users' preferences and thus continuously improve the quality of our services. We do not use cookies in order to contact you by phone, email or post.

Examples of the use of cookies on LUX MED Sp. z o.o. websites:

  • matching the content of ads displayed on the website, monitoring user traffic on the websites with Google Analytics code - more information about cookies in Google Analytics can be found at:
  • using the mechanism of user's preferences survey,
  • measuring the effectiveness of Google Display Network campaigns,
  • matching the content of ads shown in Google Display Network (remarketing)

What kind of cookies do we use?

LUX MED Sp. z o.o. websites use the following two types of cookies:

  • session cookies - which remain on the user's device until he/she leaves the website or closes the browser;
  • persistent cookies - stay in on the user's device for the time specified in the file parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.

Can I withdraw my consent to using cookies?
Activities related to storing and sending cookies are supported by web browsers and are invisible to the user. Most of the commonly used browsers accept them by default. However, you can set your browser so that it rejects the requests to store any or selected cookies. This can be done by changing your browser's settings. However, before you make such a decision consider the fact that many cookies facilitate using websites.

How to disable cookies?
More information on cookies is available in the settings and documentation of any selected web browser. Failure to change the settings enabling cookies means that the user agrees for them to be placed and read by website.

Our website uses cookies, which are stored on the end-user device’s hard disc for statistical purposes and to facilitate the use of our website.These settings can always be changed.For more detailed information about cookies please refer to the Cookies Policy.