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LUX MED Klinika medyczna

LUX MED - leader and trustworthy expert

For over 20 years now, we have been caring for our Patients' health. Every day, we make every effort for persons under our care to be satisfied with the services we provide, to feel safe and to know that they can rely on experienced specialists' aid and advice.

Owing to the trust shown to us by our Patients throughout all these years and to our everyday work, performed in a professional and involved manner, today the LUX MED Group can boast the title of leader in private medical services in Poland. Over 1,600,000 Patients are currently under our care, with our services available to them in more than 1,700 state-of-the-art facilities (almost 200 own and on-site company clinics as well as about 1,600 cooperating facilities located all over the country). Almost 5,000 physicians of a few dozen specialisations remain at the Patients' disposal.

Along with the provision of aid including the total health care process, from diagnostics to comprehensive treatment, including hospital-based one, from primary medical care to specialist aid, rehabilitation and permanent care for the elderly, we also take utmost care to educate the widest possible section of the society on prophylactic and preventive activities. We wish for the greatest possible number of people to be aware of the importance of healthy lifestyle and to acquire knowledge on the principles of preventing common illnesses and ailments.

We believe that parallel development of both these areas - providing medical care and involvement in preventive activities - will contribute to the successive improvement of the society's general health status. We are truly convinced that such an approach constitutes the ultimate response to the needs of the Patients and the modern market of medical services as well as a major step towards the gradual reduction of waiting time when a visit to a specialist is required. With enhanced knowledge on health and prophylaxis, acquired from experienced experts, a significant portion of the society is able to prevent illnesses and knows how to act at their early stages in order to prevent aggravation.

Our leader position obligates us to undergo constant development and to improve in many areas. That is why, we continue to implement solutions boosting Patient satisfaction with our services. For over two decades, the LUX MED employees - those servicing the information hotline and the reception desk as well as physicians and nurses - have attempted, in their everyday work, to establish partner relations with you, our Patients. We know that, along with top qualifications and competence in action, friendliness and care shown at our facilities translate into your satisfaction.

reception deskWe have created cyclical Employee Development Programmes for persons working at the reception desk, our call centre, for doctors and nurses. With those, our employees keep extending their knowledge in the scope of Patient service. We constantly monitor the quality of the services we provide. We are truly happy with the results of satisfaction surveys which you complete following a visit to our facilities. We would like to thank you for awarding us as many as five times with the "Service Quality Star" prize. With your support, LUX MED is regularly found on the "TOP 100 friendliest companies in Poland" list, created solely on the basis of consumer votes.
Should you have any problems, we are always ready for dialogue and provision of prompt aid. To this end, we have come up with a convenient and effective system of filing complaints, both in the medical centres as well as via our website.

Along with the constant improvement of our medical staff's competences, we also introduce a number of technological facilities, making it easier for our Patients to use the LUX MED Group offer. With those, you can, among other things, manage your health in a simple and convenient manner, by e.g. collecting laboratory test results provided with a doctor's comment on-line and making e-reservations for your and your children's appointments - with a selected specialist and at a convenient time and place - through the Patient Portal.

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