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Occupational Medicine

We offer to our Clients the coordination of the occupational medicine activities for the entire company. The occupational medicine assistant, appointed for a given Client, is responsible for the best and most effective performance of those activities. The assistant is responsible for the organisation of the cooperation between the Group and the company's representatives so that our activities are tailored to their needs and individual requirements as closely as possible.

For the purposes of the occupational medicine, we have created:
Occupational Medicine Registration Centre - the info-line dedicated especially for the purposes of the occupational medicine, used only for registration of occupational medicine examinations for the whole of Poland.

Occupational Medicine Division - premises and personnel dedicated within the medical facility for the sole purpose of performing occupational medicine examinations.

We propose a medical facility within the region where the Employee plans to perform the examinations, where all examinations and consultations may be performed on a single day. We register the examinations and consultations directly one after another or with very short time intervals in order to minimise the duration of the examinations. At the end of the examinations, we issue a certificate to the employee and the employer.

Upon request of the employer, we will launch the procedure for taking over the individual occupational medicine records from the previous healthcare provider.

Within the basic offer, we ensure to our Clients the occupational medicine examinations performed in the manner that is most convenient to the employers and to the employees. Thanks to our takeover of this range of services, our Clients will receive professional care and will comply with the obligations under the Labour Code. Our offer provides a full range of services covering all examinations and consultations with physicians required by the aforementioned laws for an employee occupying a given position, for which the employer issues a referral.

Occupational Medicine Examinations Registration

In order to register for the occupational medicine examinations, you may

  • call 22 33 81 666 (the national info-line for Poland, available from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am. to 7:00 pm.),
  • send a scanned referral for the requested examinations via contact form.

When completing the form, please send the medical examination referral - failure to provide the medical examination referral will prevent the relevant registration.

We inform that registration for the examinations on the basis of the provided form will only be performed at LUX MED Group own facilities. If you are interested in registering for a visit at any subcontractor facilities, please see the list of those facilities at our website or contact the Occupational Medicine Info-Line: 22 33 81 666.

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