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Medical Coverage

Any organiser of any event, corporate or public knows that ensuring due health protection of the participants is one of his/her legal duties. Providing prime quality of health protection during an event also builds up the image of the organizing company in the eyes of the participants. LUX MED has unparalleled experience in providing health care coverage during all types of events, including mass events and gatherings. We offer comprehensive and flexible services which can include stand-by services of reanimation teams, emergency and rescue teams, general medical teams and mobile transport teams. Out staff is fully professional, including experienced doctors, paramedics and nurses. We also provide modern ambulances with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

We can organize stationary first aid points (and even a field hospital). LUX MED emergency teams have successfully provided medical coverage to sport events including Tour de Pologne, economic and political events such as European Economic Summit and music concerts including The Rolling Stones concert in Służewiec in Warsaw.


As our clients increasingly realise the value of fast reaction in case of emergency and of speedy despatch of first aid, they often enrol in our first aid classes, trainings and demonstrations. Such presentations can be organised during picnics and open-air events that are covered by LUX MED, but also on the client's site. The demonstrations are the perfect way to combine pleasure and necessity, as everybody knows how important in case of life-threatening emergencies is the first aid rendered by direct witnesses of the accident. Our projects and trainings make the participants aware of this fact.

We also plan widening our service offer in the future to include offering support to corporate clients who develop procedures of using automated external defibrillators (AED) which are internationally considered "best practice" in the potentially life-threatening cases of arrhythmia.

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